About us
About Us:

Bibahabd.com, is an international matrimonial web portal founded 1st Feb 2007 under a renowned group of company, aimed at fulfilling the needs of Bangladeshis both at home and abroad. It is designed to provide its members a secured and private environment to find their ultimate life partners by providing them a trusted source of genuine people trying to find their soul mates.

The platform bibahabd.com allows members to search, communicate, interact and finally find the right person for them or their loved ones. We at bibahabd.com believe that marriages are made in heaven and we only intend in realizing those dreams. It is a site for the generation of today and the future.

We believe in the importance of making the right choice, for a marriage to last. In this age of Information Technology, this decision needs to be made on the basis of sound information. Bibahabd.com is founded on the main objective to provide its members with a secured environment and expanded opportunities in finding their potential life partners thus helping them in making the right choice.

Basing on this we are striving to provide a world class service. Bibahabd.com ultimately aims at providing you with a complete event management of your marriage for you leaving you with the option of only clicking your choices. Of course the principal choice of finding out your life partner will remain with you while the rest will be for us to do.

Our Specialty:

    Reliability and Trustworthiness Since individuals are entering their profiles personally it provides high reliability
    Verification Of Profiles Select profiles can be verified by Bibahabd Team
    Meeting Bibahabd.com not responsible for private matrimonial discussion
    Unlimited Time Being on web, it can be browsed at any time and all the time
    Various Category Offers a wide category of preferences close to you
    Unlimited Profiles Being international and on web anyone can become a member thus unlimited profiles
    Highly Secured Since the pictures cannot be downloaded it ensures high level of privacy

Bibahabd.com at glance:

    Our Aim To make you happy
    Our Intention
    To realize your dream
    Our Scope Worldwide Bangladeshis
    Our Theme Merging tradition with technology
    Our Assurance Secure respecting your privacy
    Our Logo-Butterfly The sign of good luck
    Our Color-Green Earthly and Lively
    Our Letters-BB Bride and Bridegroom


BASIS National ICT Awards - 2017
Category: Inclusion & Community

Successful Participation in:

  Fair Name Venue Organizer Year
1 SOFTEXPO 2009 BICC, Dhaka BASIS 2009
2 Weeding Festival Shooting Club, Dhaka Mirror Magazine 2010
3 SOFTEXPO 2011 BICC, Dhaka BASIS 2011
4 E-commerce Show TSC, DU Campus BASIS 2012
5 E-commerce Show Basundhara Shopping Mall BASIS 2013
6 E-commerce Fair Public Library, Dhaka DC Dhaka 2013
7 E-commerce Fair Public Library, Dhaka ICT Ministry 2013
8 UK - BD E-commerce Fair Minimum Hotel London, UK ICT Ministry 2013
9 UK - BD E-commerce Fair The Waterlily, London, UK ICT Ministry 2015
10 Biye Uthshab - 2016 BICC, Dhaka Phothom Alo - PONDS 2016
11 Digital world - 2016 ICCB, Dhaka ICT Ministry 2016
12 Biye Uthshab - 2017 BICC, Dhaka Phothom Alo - Sunsilk 2017
13 Digital world - 2017 ICCB, Dhaka ICT Ministry 2017
14 The Grand Wedding Expo Radisson Blu Chittagong Bay View Violet Inc 2018