Q.  Why my account is inactive?

After create an account it will be screening by customer care. Sometimes it may be at queue, before activation you will receive confirmation call, if customer care find any lack of information (Phone Number, Address,Photo with **mandatory Fields) then you will get notification through email either your profile will be active within 24 hours.

Q.  Why I can't upload my profile picture?

May be the size of the picture is too large or the format of the picture is not acceptable by Bibahabd.com

Q.  What format of the picture Bibahabd accepts?

Bibahabd accepts only .jpeg, jpg, gif format.

Q.  How many pictures can I upload?

Paid members can upload maximum 6 pictures in their photo gallery. Free members can upload maximum 1 picture as their profile picture.

Q.  Is my picture safe on the web? Won't my privacy be affected?

It's absolutely safe and your privacy will not be violated in any way whatsoever. As we promised this site do believe in realizing your dreams and thus assure you to have a completely free and secure service. Photographs published on the site are not used anywhere else for any other purpose. Moreover, there are no options to save any of your information in this site. So you can give it a shot and meet your luck!! For further safety paid members can block other members and avoid them in future. As per our policy we do not share your personal data with any one.

Q.  May I hide my profile Picture?

Sorry you can't hide your profile picture, because it is s essential to complete your profile. Paid member only get chance to hide their profile picture on condition.

Q.  Why I can't contact with others?

Free members only able to make favorite others. To view others contact information you must have to be paid member.

Q.  Why I can't send interest to others?

As a free member you can send interest to others only for one (1) time but a paid member can send unlimited interest.

Q.  Why can't I change certain information in Edit Profile?

There are certain information such as date of birth, height, country of birth and gender that cannot be changed in your profile. These are the basic necessary information about you, if you made a mistake and need to change the information; you must send a request to us. The information can only be changed once, so please make sure you give us the correct information in the request.

Q.  May I hide my address & contact number?

It is hidden. You have to fill up these fields to complete your profile but your contact information is not visible to others. Once someone shows you interest & you respond to show your interest then you can view each others contact information.

Q.  While registering I get an error message, asking me to choose another profile ID, Why?

This happens because the word you choose as a profile ID has already been chosen by someone else. Choose a different profile ID and this error will not appear to you.

Q.  As far as I know I am an active member but now I find my profile inactive. Why?

May be you made some change in your profile, that's why your profile became inactive. Keep patience your profile will be active in some days. For further information please contact our hot line numbers.

Q.  If someone shows interests in me how do I know?

If some one clicks on show interest in your profile, you get e-mail informing you that so-and-so has shown interest in you but you have to be any of our Paid member.

Q.  Can I be successful within 90 days short period?

Browse profiles as much as you can. Send favorite to others & check others response. If you are still not successful then we have other packages for you to succeed.

Q.  Can I selectively hide my profile from only some members?

No,If you choose to hide your profile it will be hidden from all members of Bibahabd.com Matrimonial. But this opportunity is only given to the Paid Members. Free Members can also be felt interested by other paid members. But they can not respond against these interests.

Q.  What is Paid Membership & what are its advantages?

A Paid membership of Bibahabd.com is enriched with several extra benefits to its users. Paid Membership helps you to find an ideal matrimony partner quickly and easily. Paid Members get some extra services and benefits that are not available to those who choose to be free members. Paid Members can express interest and write interests, view contact informations to other members of Bibahabd.com. They can send their profile information to other members. Further, they are free to communicate with all other members who have accepted their initiation. They get family gallery that allow them to upload up to 6 pictures.

Q.  Why I need to be a paid member?

As a paid member you can communicate with others, get others contact information, upload more pictures, send unlimited interests, you can increase you r time limits as well. These are not available as free members.

Q.  How can I be a paid member?

Just register with your complete details, select a package of your choice and make the payment accordingly. You are a paid member in the next 24 hours.

Q.  What is the way to make payments?

We appreciate you to walk in our office & payment us hand to hand. We accept both cheque & cash. If it is not possible for you to come to our office then you can send payment through PAYPAL, Money Gram, Bank Draft or cash with courier service.

Q.  What is online payment and how do I make an online payment?

Online payment is the easiest and fastest mode of payment. This system, is yet to be implemented. For the time being we are accepting Cash/Cross Cheque/Draft.  You may send it by coourier or drop it at our office.

Q.  If someone shows interests about me how do I know?

Through emails you will be notified that someone shows interest about you.

Q.  Is Bibahabd match a profile with others?

No,Bibahabd work as a platform where many people come to find their soul mate with their own way.

Q.  Can I selectively hide my profile from only some members?

No, if you want to hide your profile it will be hidden from all, but we have a option call "Blocked Profile". By using this option you can block some profile that irritates you.

Q.  Do I need to fill the form completely?

Yes, definitely you have to fill up the form completely. Other wise we can't make you a active member.