Our Additional Service

We have arrangement of these services for users satisfaction through the reliable source. We believe The veracity and acceptability of the information helps in choosing the soulmate.


Best matrimony service in Bangladesh

The service ensures delivering genuine information pertaining to various aspects of the nature and personality of the target person. In some cultures, marriage is referred to as the handcuffs of life.This phrase is not meant to threaten you, but it shows the seriousness with which this union is taken. When you plan on marrying, you plan on having a person you will live with for the rest... See More


Best matrimony service in Bangladesh

This service is provided for the members who need to know certain issues related to immigrations of spouses, mix marriages, adoption laws, etc through our legal advisers.Procedure: A request is forwarded by the member with a short detail of the issue to customer care.Duration: The legal advice is forwarded in 3 days time after money receipt confirmation.Payment: The rate of payment for l... See More


Best matrimony service in Bangladesh

When it comes to finding a life partner, trust and reliability are paramount. With so many matrimony service providers available, it can be difficult to determine which ones are trustworthy and which ones are not.This is where Bibahabd.com stands out from the crowd. As a leading matrimony service provider in Bangladesh, Bibahabd.com takes pride in offering a safe and secure platform for... See More