• 2018-07-06
  • Bride : shuchithra
  • Groom : shayamald92321

I always wanted someone who is educated, understanding and of course of the same caste. I am thankful to Bibahabd.com that I found my significant other on Bibahabd.com. We exchanged our contact numbers and emails on Bibahabd.com itself. Spending time together, making her a part of my friends ,surprising her, introducing her to everything in my life, lots of endless talking, and planning for our future not only made our courtship beautiful but also strengthened our relationship. My family had set a meeting with Shuchitra's family and we were overjoyed to find their traditional, virtuous and moral attributes to be equivalent as ours and finally we got married on 6th July, 2018. I am very lucky to find such an amazing partner who is there for me all the time, and supports me in everything I do. Thanks Bibahabd.com . Warm Regards- Indrajit & Shuchitra.

Shuchitra And Indrajit